About Plasterdog

It is quite common for people to ask where the name Plasterdog comes from. Like most things that are intriguing, there are several explanations …
On the surface, the inspiration for the company name comes from a literal collection of plasterdogs. People used to take pre-cast plaster figurines, hand-paint them, and make them into something unique and idiosyncratic. Working within what many would see as a restrictive environment, hobbyists would express their creativity and render singular expressions out of an identical starting point.
Every medium has a governing structure which defines it, and it is through the appreciation for that structure where creativity can be most effective. Formats and layouts reflect established paradigms that are intuitively accessible. Proven and mature structures lend a stable footing from which expression can expand and evolve.
In the medium of web design it is important to work in compliance with current standards, organize content in a fashion that search engines and human site visitors prefer, and take care to ensure that the structure is fully sustainable.
Each Plasterdog website is a unique expression and reflection of the site owners’ message while at the same time it draws its’ foundation from rock solid forms and practices.

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