• 1) Favorite "old reliable" plugins

    These are plugins that offer dependable functionality and can be used on practically any project

    • Advanced Custom Fields

      This plugin enables the easy creation of additional fields that can be attached to any content type … makes WordPress alot more Drupaly!

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    • Backup Buddy

      This is a paid plugin, but well worth the cost. Facilitates easy backups and transfers … but not a method for syncing a development site & production site.
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    • Gravity Forms

      This is a paid plugin, but well worth the cost. Allows very sophisticated form construction, storage of responses, interaction with payment gateways …
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    • Nivo Slider

      This is a paid plugin, but has all the features you would want in a slider plugin including a straight forward method to create customized slider templates. Sliders weigh down a site, but this one is lightweight
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    • Social Media Widget

      A pretty painless way to add linked social media icons to a widget area … using either stock icons or those of your own making
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    • WordPress SEO

      Gives you the metatag control that core WordPress doesn’t … and dynamically generated sitemaps!
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  • 2) Alternates to the "old reliable" plugins

    It's always good to have a backup ...

    • Custom Content Manager

      Just as good as advanced custom fields with the ability to create custom post types included … and the author is a great guy who is very responsive on his forum!
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    • Duplicator

      A “free” version of Backup Buddy that works in a very similar fashion …
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    • Fast Secure Contact Form

      An old reliable that will handle most common needs!
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    • Slide Deck

      There is a “free” version of this plugin on the codex if you don’t mind the branding, the paid version offers more slider permutations than you can shake a stick at …. a little heavy but you can selectively turn on/off the javascript
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  • 3) Media Related Plugins

    Handling of images, sliders, video etc.

    • Advanced Responsive Video Embedder

      When the editor needs a little help embedding a video …
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    • Compact WP Audio Player

      Yes we all know that with HTML5 there are browser based audio players, but …
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    • Easy Fancy Box

      Some sites just “gotta have more image pop-ups” …
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    • File Un-Attach

      By default, once you insert an image into a page or post it is “attached” to it whether it has been taken out of the editor or not! This become problematic if you are using the core gallery function … this plugin takes care of that issue
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    • Regenerate Thumbnails

      Cope with changed or new image sizes after the fact … don’t keep this around once you’re done with it
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  • 4) Special use plugins

    For particular use cases ...

    • If Menu

      Allows you to set conditions to a menu item visibility
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    • RVM – Responsive Vector Maps

      Need a linked vector map?
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    • Plugins Garbage Collector

      Plugins Garbage Collector scans your WordPress database and shows the tables beyond of core WordPress installation…. great little cleanup plugin
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    • Dynamic Widgets

      Allows the editor to determine under which circumstances a particular widget will be visible …
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    • Cimy User Extra Fields

      Need to expand the fields in the profile? … this will help you do it!
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    • JQuery Accordion Menu Widget

      Using this plugin I discovered the upper limit to a WordPress menu is 100 items after a client went a little nuts with options … you will see that the plugin hasn’t been updated in a couple of years, but the developer is keeping an eye on it, and it still works just fine!
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    • The Events Calendar

      The “free” version is packed with features, and the paid version makes it even better! Lends itself well to theming …
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    • Transposh WordPress Translation

      Starts with Google translate , but lets you over-write the result …. MANY languages!
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    • User Role Editor

      Extends the 5 default WordPress user roles and allows control over most privileges by role…
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    • Woo Commerce

      The e-commerce solution that we love to hate … the “free” version allows alot and the add-ons do everything else … but they keep changing how the plugin interacts with themes…
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    • WordPress DB Pro

      Syncs one database with another …
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