We build highly customized sites that are designed to reflect the owner’s aesthetic sensibilities, anticipate growth and modification, and provide an optimized experience for human artificial users.
Whether it be a fresh new website, enhancing performance and functionality of an existing website or recovery from threat or malfunction, our process ensures an efficient environment that follows best practices while being easy to work with.
We have proven that highly customized sites do not need to be complicated to manage or difficult to navigate, we make the complex simple and intuitively comprehensible.
We provide a stable, flexible and secure platform along with the support and training needed so that you may confidently manage your message!

  • WooCommerce & FSE

    It would be natural to assume that the traditional process of customizing Woo php templates in a “woocommerce” folder in your theme would still apply, but that is incorrect!

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  • Patterns in WP after 6.3

    Patterns now come in two types: synced and unsynced What we used to know as reusable blocks are now called synced patterns, but they behave in almost the same fashion

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  • WordPress Architecture

    The administrative & publishing back end of WordPress is essentially a series of forms that collect information which is stored in the database.

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