A website should be a living & expanding entity

Search engines, and people, generally pay more attention to websites with new and expanding content. For this reason a site will function best if there is a plan and structure that allows for new content to be added in a fluid manner.

Alternatively, new site projects that begin with overly ambitious starting points are more vulnerable to going off the rails and not launching on schedule. Envisioning what you want to say and which information that you want to share can seem quite straight forward, but when it comes down to actually generating this content it can become far more time consuming and complicated.

It is best therefore to build in stages and extend content in a planned sequence breaking down the required material into manageable pieces and revealing them as they are assembled.

The process of authoring a website is evolutionary, and the more fluid to generation of new content the more likely it is to continue in its’ growth. Part of the design process for assembling a website is the anticipation of these evolutionary paths of content creation, so that the site is often able to “write itself”.