WordPress Front-End Development

Plasterdog Web Design is Jeff McNear and an confederation of WordPress developers from the Chicago area
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design principles

We have found that following these ten principles will ensure a successful website project
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repair & support

We have updated, repaired and reconfigured many sites developed by other designers, while each project is unique all tend to follow a similar sequence of steps
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The guiding principle behind our work is to put as much control into the hands of the website owner as possible. We build highly customized sites that are designed to reflect the owner’s aesthetic sensibilities, developed to anticipate growth and modification, and to provide an optimized experience for users and search engine algorithms.

A highly customized site does not need to be complicated to manage or difficult to navigate, we make the complex simple and intuitively comprehensible.

We provide a stable, flexible and secure platform along with the support and training needed so that you may confidently manage your message!