Changes to Woo archive template after march 2014 plugin update

The structure of the WooCommerce loops have changed somewhat this may impact any php files placed in your theme. If your file needs to be modified, it is important to realize that the first step will be to get a new “source” file of the one you are “correcting” from the new version of the plugin.
In my case my archive-product.php file threw a php error when a category of products were being viewed…. but everything was still fine when viewing the main shop link

In my original file I was handling featured image display using this code:

This was the offending bit of code, I commented it out since I wasn’t using the attachment galleries anyway:

Another annoyance is that I was able to display the price on the archive page by using the following code before the update, but that too threw a php error afterwards

The file found here: plugins/woocommerce/templates/single-product/price.php turned up two more blind alleys:


BUT — this post
revealed this little gem that did the job!