Elements of a successful website

Planned Expansion

Search engines show preference to sites that consistently add new content because human consumers of web content are more prone to return to a site that is fresh and new. While static documents are informative to a point, the lack of expansion is correctly interpreted by both man and machine as degrading in relevance over time. Future expansion depends on a content structure which is open and organized into topic streams. If the information architecture is structured in a way that can encourage new content organically, the site owner/editor will be more likely to consistently generate it. 

Ease of Editing

If a site is difficult or confusing to edit there is a distinct danger that the site owner/editor will lose enthusiasm and allow the content to go stale. Landing pages can be built to dynamically update, consistent formulas can be followed to facilitate efficient composition and assets can be collected to be used in the future.

Consistency in Style

Actual (and artificial) intelligence is built upon the recognition of patterns, and there is a direct correlation between how quickly a pattern can be recognized and how efficiently a message is received. Consistent layout, typography, and color scheme create a paradigm that efficiently conveys true message content.

Takes full advantage of the systems’ structure.

Each CMS has a unique information framework, and one consistent reason for a poorly functioning site can be traced to a lack of appreciation for the tools at hand and another being attempts to fight that structure.