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Project Challenge:

  • create easily edited interface that lends itself to fluid SEO keyword targeting
  • wanted ability to embed links to 3rd party sellers (like amazon)
  • dynamic content insertion multiple landing pages
  • ability to change contact and social media info quickly
  • Post content would not always have a relevant featured image
  • Variable sidebar feeds for landing pages
  • easily edited by non technical editor

Project Approach:

  • structure configured to fluidly work with Yoast SEO plugin
  • addition of custom fields to readily allow for individual purchase links
  • custom page templates which allow for multiple landing page options
  • added global custom field controls for contact information and social media linkage
  • conditional behavior to reformat excerpts without featured image
  • allowed for unique sidebar content to be directly inserted into key pages
  • comprehensive and annotated manual for all anticipated editing “recipes”