• Main landing page
  • Sidebar options & icons
  • Case study array
  • Detail page
  • Team array
  • Staff bio

Link to site:

Partner organizaion: Andrus Design

Project Challenge:

  • migration from static HTML to workpress using a complex visual design from external design team
  • sidebar elements needed to accomodate 2 custom sidebar schemes, no sidebar & multiple traditional widget sidebar options
  • Unique page and sidebar icon options
  • Unique post types for case studies & staff members
  • Leave open option to link staff array items to full bio pages
  • Editable global field values
  • 15 unique layout templates in visual design
  • need for comprehensive training materials

Project Approach:

  • created custom theme designed to allow the site editor maximum editorial control with a minimum of complexity
  • inserted conditional sidebar behaviors and content activated in a site aware manner
  • created additional fields which allow the editor to attach selected accent icons
  • created 2 unique post types configured to ensure content consistency
  • inserted conditional logic which allows linkage to full bio nodes via checkbox selection
  • inclusion of bespoke plugin to control global field content
  • custom templates for 10 page styles, 3 archive array styles and 2 single post type dispplays
  • put togetehr a comprehensive manual mapping out procedures for all anticipated editorial tasks