Incorporating Custom Post Type Content into the author.php file & Display

The author page can be used for a variety of powerful applications, but by default it will only display standard post content in the array. If all you need to do is include custom post type content in the array here are two links that will explain how to insert code into the governing theme’s functions.php file to cycle in whatever custom content you would like to include:

Of course you will probably want to include the following in the “single” template for the custom post type itself:

I started down this rabbit hole because I am using this plugin and here is the specific code to include the category membership for custom posts of the tribe calendar type (things should be similar for other post types) source

Now this is all fine and good if you don’t need to segregate entries by content type. But if you achieve post type by post type segregation the procedure above won’t help at all!
To accomplish post type segregation go back to the functions.php file and delete the custom content type inclusion code (since you won’t need it)
Then based on what is found here insert this code into the author file:

The key of making this work is this code:

First you need to define the author

Then you need to do the segregation

It’s a snap once you spend two days googling… or if you are lucky enough to find this post instead!