Making a pitch like a madman

Watching the show “Madmen” makes one wonder how anything ever got accomplished in the heyday of big advertising firms. What with the three martini lunches, rampant womanizing, and office politics there were plenty of distractions to make it difficult to find the time to put together a decent pitch. The answer? A streamlined system for putting together a persuasive presentation that would work under almost any circumstances … I got this directly from one of the veterans of this time, and what was good in the 60’s still works today!
The next time you have to put together a presentation on short notice, give this outline a try:

Subject => articulate the goal of the audience
Need => challenges for attaining the goal
Idea => your recommendation to overcome the challenges
Benefits => how recommendation addresses the challenges
Evidence => substantiate the benefits [experience | analogy | expert | statistic | fact | example]
Conclusion => reiterate the: need > idea > benefit
Next Step => articulate action for listener to take