Repair & Support

Every project is unique in scope, character and range of challenges. However most repair and support projects proceed through the following stages:

Regardless to how well or poorly a site has been built it will inevitably have unique aspects of configuration and composition which determine how and what can be done to adjust it.
Before we can realistically set any goals or strategies for a project we need to take a good look “under the hood” … file and administration access will give us the ability to determine what can be done with the structure at hand.

Setting Goals
A triage of the client’s “wish list” is done to determine what can be readily accomplished within the existing structure, what functionality can be added without changing the structure, and what modifications will require that the existing structure itself needs to be changed.

Determining Solution
Depending on the constraints of time, resources and budget strategies to reach the project goals are set.

A development version of the site is built and the modifications are put into operation and tested

Once the adjustments have been made and proven in the development environment they are migrated into the “live” site

Like anything else with moving parts, a website needs periodic backup, care, and upgrading. This can be done on an “as needed” or scheduled basis.